Saturday, August 2, 2008

They called it the Baby Blintz!

I know lots of preggo people right now, and none of them wanna know what they are having yet! I made this card for a challenge. If you haven't been there yet, GO! It is an awesome resource! I'm there way too much! :) For those from SCS coming to visit my puny lil blog, I humbly thank you!
This is called a blintz base card. Origami. There's a tutorial to make it at
and then follow the adobe link in the first post. It's pretty easy to do!
The origami cards are becoming my fast favorites. I like the challenges because you can see so many different perspectives from all these creative people! I'm not as good as some of them, but when I do participate in these challenges, my cards seem to be better than if I try coming up with something on my own.

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Cris A said...

Cute card! You have a great stamping space! I love all the natural light you get! I'm stuck in the basement!