Monday, January 19, 2009

Am I on a roll???

I really hadn't expected to do anymore postings this soon, but I got some more cards made today. I'm like a kid on christmas! I wanna show everyone what I have! The one with the red glitter heart is for a wedding next month. The blue one with the kitty in the washer says, time spent with friends is time well spent. The orange card has a cutout from Hallmark card studio. The owl card is with my new stamps from great impressions stamps. Enjoy!

Long weekend!

Hey there cyber friends. I have an extended weekend this week. We are off school today for MLK Jr. birthday, we have OFF for the inauguration tomorrow, and I am off Wednesday for doctor appointment. So I will work Thursday and Friday, and have another weekend off. What a rough week! :)
My teacher friends came over yesterday to scrapbook. I got 2 whole cards made between 4 pm and 12:30 Am. We made cupcakes too! Here's what I made. The layout and design is the hardest thing to figure out! I play with design, colors, accessories a lot before I tack anything down. (I learned my lesson!)
The purple kitty card was for my friend's birthday. I made that one a couple weeks ago.
Happy MLK Jr. Day, enjoy the historical inauguration of President Obama tomorrow, and have a great week!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Final set for cat scrapbook!

Here's the last (which ironically, is the first in progression as you look down)of what I have so far for the furball family album. :) Tell me what you think!

Cat scrapbook

Here's the next grouping of pics from my 12 x 12 scrapbook of my furball family.

Ok, Not done yet. :)

So I thought I was going to sleep, since it is now after 3 AM, but I am on a roll! Here's the scrapbook pages I have been working on for our furball family. I am just starting to venture into scrapbooking. Please give any constructive criticism to help me out! Some I really like, and others I feel are missing something. I think they should all be self explanatory, but if you have questions, or want to comment, go for it!!!

Ok, last round for now.

It's almost 3 AM!!! I think this will be the last upload for now. :) More pics of craft room stuff. The view straight in, looking again at the No boys allowed warning. Underneath the just cleaned out and reorganized drafting table (there was a LOT of crap under there before...stuff I forgot about!). My buttons and flowers in the glass jars lined up in my window sills. That side doesn't get any direct sunlight. So far, they're good (no fading). The one picture on top of the drafting table is of new goodies! Too cute stamps that jumped into my cart all by themselves at the scrapbook store (great impressions stamps), new Stampin up catty, and the new close to my heart catty...

More Pics! Aren't you excited?!?!

Hey there cyber people! Here's some more pics of my craft room that I keep re-organizing, and clean out. I do more organizing than I do crafting! This is my one dollar auction bargain. I repainted it to match my room after cleaning the dust and dirt off it. It was wobbly, but a couple shims fixed it right up. :) Those were free! Seems the pictures get revered on here when I post, instead of the order I think they are in. The top shelf is the one that has the white 3 drawer box (with bic/sharpie markers, gel pens, and other decorative pens in it, decorative edge scissors, and basket of prismacolor markers. The next shelf has a pink floral photo box, my large set of prismacolor pencils (still unsharpened...anyone want that job?!?!), and my small stampin up sets at the end. The third shelf has my larger boxed Stampin up sets lined up like books. Someone said that you aren't supposed to store them that way in high humidity areas because they will fall off the wood block. However, Stampin up has the background stamps lined up on a shelf like this in the new catty...So, who knows?!?!
The last shelf has the stuff I don't use much on it. I bought a box of leather samples at a yard sale for 2.00 that I still havent done anything with. I have the intent to! Intent without execution doesn't make anything happen.
More pics to come!

Picture mess & Organization Freak

I LOVE digital cameras and digital photography, but I hate trying to keep them all straight and organized! I have 2 memory cards (plus one for my phone, now that I know how to use it!). I take pictures mostly on one and use the other one to transfer. My laptop is being silly and will no longer read the card when I plug it in. Have to use the camera cord, and that is a pain in the rear.

So anyways...I've been sitting here for maybe an hour getting the new pictures I want to print on the "to print" card, and the new pics I don't want to print, but want to post in the right folders on my computer. I think I'm an organizational freak. Helps me to find them later though. :) Here's some to share!

I took more pics of my craft room since the first postings. I got some new shelves and organizers. The white ones are making memories. I got the wall shelf for Christmas from my teacher friends at school, and I got the desk organizer from my mom. I had the carousel already. The other white carousel is my former Pampered Chef turn about (that doesn't like to turn much anymore!) I took everything out of it, cleaned it as best I could, including taking out the little ball bearing things, and getting the icky off. It spins a bit better now, but for the purpose of my craft room, it's great! (I love their new tool turnabout! It's black, but it spins a LOT better!!!)

The big green bookcase type shelf was an auction bargain. One Dollar! It was dirty, and sorta not flat on either end. I repainted it to match my room, and put some shims at the bottom to keep it steady. I may put some vinyl design thingie on it once I find something I like. :)

I LOVE my Uppercase Living quote (or whatever it is they call them) above my room. No boys allowed! My friends got a giggle out of that too when they saw it. :)

I think I need another post to fit some more detailed pics. :) You have nothing better to do, right???

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Ok, here's the pictures to go with the previous blog. My camera was charged already, but have had some bad things happen in the past couple days to keep me from getting these on here. Nothing serious, but just stress causing circumstances. A sick kitty, my husband loosing his job, financial issues. I'm already ready for 09 to be done.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy 2009!

Seems like just yesterday I was thinking how weird it was going to be to say 2000 instead of nineteen ninety (fill in the rest). Now here we are almost 10 years into the new millennium (had to look up the spelling on that one! Just missed the extra "n".) How fast time goes...

Anyways, thought I would share a couple more cards I've made in the WONDERFUL time off I've had (even though I'm trying to get sick again! How does that happen with no kids around to sneeze on me???). At they have challenges, layouts, idea starters, etc...a wealth of resources! I noticed one that wanted silver used on a card. So, by chance, I had 2 cards that I've been working on, and finished to submit to the galleries for WT199. One is a present card, no stamping, super quick and easy, blue and silver. I had made one like it for my husband's aunt and uncle who celebrate Hanukkah and Christmas. It was easy to make another one. :) The other card is a snowflake using large and small stampin up tag punches, gluing to a background paper, and then trimming to make the snowflake shape. I layered 2 together, and put it on silver background, and it turned out really pretty. I think mostly because of the blue glitter paper, which I ended up WEARING ALL OVER me by the time I was done. I was sparkling too! :)

(I'll have to post the pics in the next post. My camera just died!)

I have another card I made using valentine colors for thank you's but I think I'm going to enter it at CKC convention in April in Collinsville (billed as St. Louis, since no one knows where the heck collinsville is!). So I'll post that one later this year.

Still no snow, we did have 60 degree weather, thunderstorms, and TORNADO WARNINGS. Stupid midwestern weather. The day after it was 60, it was 30 with a wind chill in the teens. I hear the worst is yet to come.

Wising all of you in cyberland a very happy start to 09.