Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Craft room Storage

Ok, so apparently I can't load too many pictures at once, so here's how I store some of my things. Eventually, I would like all floor cabinet/drawer storage with table tops. But that's for another year. :) My favorite finds are the black slider boxes from Wal-Mart's school supply section for 50 cents a piece! I put my markers by colors and labeled them. There's one picture of them in a drawer, and one box open. My other favorite find, was my white yard sale shelf. It was only 2 bucks, but it was an ugly mauve, coated with dust and dirt color. I washed it up, hammered the top off to get off this heart routered into a curvy piece of wood, layered white paint on it, added hooks to hang, then decorated with rub-ons from stampin up. I had a small white shelf too from flowers I bought, and it sits perfectly on top to make it more decorative! I had to put rub-ons on it too! It may be a bit much all together, but they'll scrape off if i want to change it!
The table is my coloring station, though not all coloring items would nicely fit. Yes, that's a Longaberger basket with markers in it. (Don't worry, it has a liner!) We got it as a gift for our wedding 2 years ago, and never used it. Now it has a purpose! My oh-so-kind artist brother in law sent me most of the markers. They were his extras. Wasn't that nice?


Betsy said...

Hey, this is fantastic! We could be "soul sisters," except you're clearly more organized, lol! I also have an OVERabundance of markers and odds and ends of furniture...I'm still working on a way to make it all work better... you've done yours really great!


Karen from PA said...

Your craft room is really nice, you did a great job on your shelf.

My Paper Adventures said...

You are extremely organzied!! My craft rooms looks great...right after I just finished cleaning it. As soon as I sit down to make a card it looks as though 5 tornadoes hit my table!
Thanks for leaving a comment on my tutorial...good luck!