Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Nice Place for a Crafty Space!

I intended to set this up for my crafts/cards, and so far haven't gotten around to it. I took more pictures of my new crafting area today (during the day, with the blinds up!) so it can show off the view, and how nice the room colors blend with the nature outside right now. Also have pictures of my storage solutions for now. It seems like every few months it's changing! :)
A favorite touch is the sage umbrella! I found it on clearance at Hobby Lobby. The flowers in it were on clearance at my husbands work. So with his discount, they cost a whopping 92 cents! Not bad, huh?
This was our carpeted breakfast nook. We never really eat in it, unless we had guests, so it was kinda wasted space. Over a year ago, we had a puppy, and she decided to make the carpet her outside place. We gave her away, I ripped out the carpet and matting, and my father in law had to cut out the baseboard. We installed new baseboard, and Pergo flooring. Most of the items in here I "redesigned" for the space. The apple cloth covered table, was my 1st dining table. (We were given a bigger one, now in the kitchen.) The drafting table and other table were in my living room on either side. My father in law had 3 drafting tables, and gave me this one. I moved all the storage stuff into the new room, and rearranged for about 4 days. I ordered some new SU stuff for storage, found a matching green/brown striped "back to school" area rug at Target, and this is the result! I want to get some shelves (really the Making Memories embellishment center) to store my jars of buttons, flowers and ribbons. They are all in mason jars. Another cheap storage solution! Right now, they're just outta the way. Eventually, they'll be a pretty addition to the wall!

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