Friday, July 25, 2008

My cute new kitty!

Since I've first posted, a new little one has been added to our fur baby family! She was rescued from a business parking lot on a rainy day by my husband. She's long haired calico, and cute as a button! We've had her for 2 weeks and we cannot come up with a name for her! We've been calling her Little Bit, but of course, she will get bigger, and the name won't fit.
Here's her Purr-sonality: Very playful and frisky, sassy, not afraid of the other cats who are 4 times her size, affectionate, loving, and has a little rollie pollie tummy. Hopefully, I can figure out posting a picture so she can be seen. My other female kitty is a calico too, and her name is Nutmeg (nutters, meggies, nutty, etc. for short). My other 2 cats are toms, one yellow striped, the other orange striped. They are Morris and Buster.

So what's a good name for the new one? Halloween & Callie have already been thrown out by my husband. :)

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Vanessa D. Alexander said...

She looks like a "Tootsie" so cute and I'm not a pet person. Her colors reminded me of carmels and tootsie rolls. Just a thought.