Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Last round of room pictures!

This should be the last group for now, unless I decide to change again! Haha...Just other storage items and the rest of the room. I made the Create sign with my Cricut and the Mickey Font. I used the circles from Snow Play SU set for the background stampng. The paper was a Paperbilities pack on clearance for 5 bucks at Wal-Mart. The punches are stored in the bottom 4 drawers of an Iris Christmas Ornament storage cart. The smaller ones have the dividers in the drawers. The top drawers are my SU accessories. The Plastic carts hold my jars of ribbon, extra wood stamps (not SU) Quilling materials, and some other stuff. Back in the corner is hidden my piles I have no room for and projects to work on! (That's why it may look a tad messy. I was working in here late last night!)
I tried to set up the space as "stations" The former kitchen table is the "coloring" station, with most of my markers, pastels, etc. Everything wouldn't fit! The former microwave cart is the "cutting" station with the cuttlebug and cricut, plus accessories for them in the drawer, and shelf under the drawer. In the cabinet part is all my craft books and magazines. The drafting table is my main work area. I tried to keep it more open, so i have room to spread my stuff on it when working. The other table is the inking/accessories table. Honestly, it's just another place to work! :) My mom comes over a lot now, and this is right where she goes! No clock, no TV. Just crafts.
Thanks for looking!

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