Saturday, January 17, 2009

Picture mess & Organization Freak

I LOVE digital cameras and digital photography, but I hate trying to keep them all straight and organized! I have 2 memory cards (plus one for my phone, now that I know how to use it!). I take pictures mostly on one and use the other one to transfer. My laptop is being silly and will no longer read the card when I plug it in. Have to use the camera cord, and that is a pain in the rear.

So anyways...I've been sitting here for maybe an hour getting the new pictures I want to print on the "to print" card, and the new pics I don't want to print, but want to post in the right folders on my computer. I think I'm an organizational freak. Helps me to find them later though. :) Here's some to share!

I took more pics of my craft room since the first postings. I got some new shelves and organizers. The white ones are making memories. I got the wall shelf for Christmas from my teacher friends at school, and I got the desk organizer from my mom. I had the carousel already. The other white carousel is my former Pampered Chef turn about (that doesn't like to turn much anymore!) I took everything out of it, cleaned it as best I could, including taking out the little ball bearing things, and getting the icky off. It spins a bit better now, but for the purpose of my craft room, it's great! (I love their new tool turnabout! It's black, but it spins a LOT better!!!)

The big green bookcase type shelf was an auction bargain. One Dollar! It was dirty, and sorta not flat on either end. I repainted it to match my room, and put some shims at the bottom to keep it steady. I may put some vinyl design thingie on it once I find something I like. :)

I LOVE my Uppercase Living quote (or whatever it is they call them) above my room. No boys allowed! My friends got a giggle out of that too when they saw it. :)

I think I need another post to fit some more detailed pics. :) You have nothing better to do, right???

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Carol Dee said...

I love the NO BOYS ALLOWED sign!
I also have a PPC tool caddy for my stamping stuff. :)