Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy 2009!

Seems like just yesterday I was thinking how weird it was going to be to say 2000 instead of nineteen ninety (fill in the rest). Now here we are almost 10 years into the new millennium (had to look up the spelling on that one! Just missed the extra "n".) How fast time goes...

Anyways, thought I would share a couple more cards I've made in the WONDERFUL time off I've had (even though I'm trying to get sick again! How does that happen with no kids around to sneeze on me???). At they have challenges, layouts, idea starters, etc...a wealth of resources! I noticed one that wanted silver used on a card. So, by chance, I had 2 cards that I've been working on, and finished to submit to the galleries for WT199. One is a present card, no stamping, super quick and easy, blue and silver. I had made one like it for my husband's aunt and uncle who celebrate Hanukkah and Christmas. It was easy to make another one. :) The other card is a snowflake using large and small stampin up tag punches, gluing to a background paper, and then trimming to make the snowflake shape. I layered 2 together, and put it on silver background, and it turned out really pretty. I think mostly because of the blue glitter paper, which I ended up WEARING ALL OVER me by the time I was done. I was sparkling too! :)

(I'll have to post the pics in the next post. My camera just died!)

I have another card I made using valentine colors for thank you's but I think I'm going to enter it at CKC convention in April in Collinsville (billed as St. Louis, since no one knows where the heck collinsville is!). So I'll post that one later this year.

Still no snow, we did have 60 degree weather, thunderstorms, and TORNADO WARNINGS. Stupid midwestern weather. The day after it was 60, it was 30 with a wind chill in the teens. I hear the worst is yet to come.

Wising all of you in cyberland a very happy start to 09.

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