Saturday, January 17, 2009

More Pics! Aren't you excited?!?!

Hey there cyber people! Here's some more pics of my craft room that I keep re-organizing, and clean out. I do more organizing than I do crafting! This is my one dollar auction bargain. I repainted it to match my room after cleaning the dust and dirt off it. It was wobbly, but a couple shims fixed it right up. :) Those were free! Seems the pictures get revered on here when I post, instead of the order I think they are in. The top shelf is the one that has the white 3 drawer box (with bic/sharpie markers, gel pens, and other decorative pens in it, decorative edge scissors, and basket of prismacolor markers. The next shelf has a pink floral photo box, my large set of prismacolor pencils (still unsharpened...anyone want that job?!?!), and my small stampin up sets at the end. The third shelf has my larger boxed Stampin up sets lined up like books. Someone said that you aren't supposed to store them that way in high humidity areas because they will fall off the wood block. However, Stampin up has the background stamps lined up on a shelf like this in the new catty...So, who knows?!?!
The last shelf has the stuff I don't use much on it. I bought a box of leather samples at a yard sale for 2.00 that I still havent done anything with. I have the intent to! Intent without execution doesn't make anything happen.
More pics to come!

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Carol Dee said...

I have been frustrated with storing SU sets flat. Too hard to get to. I am going to try standing them on edge. Easier to find and pull out.
Also love the mason jars for storage. Great ideas. That work with my budget. (I also have a supply of canning jars I don't plan to use for produce!)

Thanks for the great ideas.