Saturday, January 17, 2009

Ok, Not done yet. :)

So I thought I was going to sleep, since it is now after 3 AM, but I am on a roll! Here's the scrapbook pages I have been working on for our furball family. I am just starting to venture into scrapbooking. Please give any constructive criticism to help me out! Some I really like, and others I feel are missing something. I think they should all be self explanatory, but if you have questions, or want to comment, go for it!!!

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Carol Dee said...

I LOVE your CATS. We lost FIDO my big beige tom. He looked so much like your big boy. I miss him. Sabrina (she is 16) is a pretty calico. Husabnd talked me into a dog. I am not real fond of IT. I'd like another cat, but can't tell him that just yet :)